Kangaroo Voice Impression Parody - Voice Changer

What would a kangaroo sound like if it could talk? It would probably have an Australian accent as well as a distinctly lively voice.

It wasn't easy, but we managed to create Kangaroo voice changer and add it to our app collection. Our kangaroo voice was designed to be fun, enjoyable and entertaining for all types of people.

This particular voice changer will allow you, your friends and young children have fun by pretending to be kangaroos. Children can also use our app to prank their parents or pretend to be Kangaroos for friends online.
Just think! With our app, you will be able to make funny kangaroo impersonations, and say without "Hey mate," with a distinctly Australian kangaroo accent.
If you've used any of our other celebrity voice changer before then you should know that our voices are designed with careful attention to detail, and this is true for our kangaroo voice. It was designed to be the voice of a cartoon kangaroo through and through.