Demon - Voice Changer

The Demon Voice Changer app is able to take your unique well-known voice and change it instantly to the voice of an evil demon. Easily download the app, and you are ready to play every evil character in any book that sends shivers down your spine.

Never ever strike a deal with the demon, they say. When you think of a demon, typically, his voice sounds deep, mysterious, coarse (possibly from being dehydrated in the pits of hell for too long), authoritative and scary enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck rise. If you’re looking to give your friends a good scare, download the Voice Changer app on the App Store or on Google Play and have a good laugh.

The fun of using Demon Voice Changer

We had a hard time setting the right tone to accurately represent the Demon, the lack of real-life descriptive references did not make the situation anymore easy. With past movies as out leading source of references, and after months of editing, re-editing and tweaking the tone and creepiness, we were (finally!) able to create a voice that captured the right tone and creepiness of what we imagined a demon would sound like.

Not just an Demon Voice Changer - Voice Modulator too

We are proud to announce that, after months of hard work by our expert team of voice changers, we would like to add a new character to our family - the demons voice changer to the Voice Changer App. If you haven’t already downloaded the Voice Changer app, please head on over to the Apple Store or Google Play Store and download the app, so as for being able to enjoy the latest added feature to our growing collection of voice changes – the demon. With the demon voice changer plugged in, downloaded and ready to go on your mobile phone, you would get a good laugh by prank calling friends and family and scaring the broad daylights out of them.

Call people up and say “Are you ready to make a deal?”, “Hey, Alisha, you’ve been a bad girl today!” Whatever it is that you would like to say, simply press the record and input your sentence. What you’ll end up with is a voice on the other end of the line, completely and utterly realistic that, warning, may cause you to pee your pants. It is perfect for seasoned holidays like Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos (the Day of the Dead)

The Demon’s voice changer is now available on the app. Simply update the Voice Changer app from the App Store or Google Play Store to get this newly added feature that will guarantee to scare the bejesus out of a few unassuming victims.

Evil, unfortunately, may not be part our everyday lives but we all have times when we need the creative tools to sound demonic. Our voice changer app allows you to simply change your everyday voice into something truly out of a classic horror film. Throughout the ages, the grotesque, magical, demonic spirits have always had an allure that has captured the imagination. They have haunted their ways into fables, religion, holidays, and folklore. Monsters under the bed, haunted houses, and demonic possessions have already left their mark on culture so becoming a heinous version of the haunted is as easy as using our simple voice. Enjoy the epilogue of evil from the ages to have a lot of fun in the now.

Share your darkest pleasures and heinous fun with the demon voice changer app. Leave an artfully constructed message in your loved one’s voice mail box asking for demonic eggs and sugar to be brought home for dinner, answer your coworker's phone call with a little demonic fun or even just wake up a friend with the true demon within you before he's late for class. A wake-up call, voice message, Chinese food order, or grocery list will never be as much fun. We know you aren’t the evil spirit returned from the deceased to forever wander the earth to haunt but will they at first listen?

Our app proves that Halloween is much-needed fun more than once a year. Add a little evil mischief of a trick or treat with our demon voice changer on any day of the year. Embrace your inner immoral creativity and let your distorted imagination be your guide.

Don't let your distinctive personal speech pattern be your singular downfall as distinctive as a fingerprint left at a crime scene. Distancing yourself with a little anonymity will be half the fun! Just wait to giggle while you hear your mother describing the terrifyingly odd phone call over family dinner.

Simply use our voice changer app by speaking into your internet connected microphone, and your voice will be repeated to you in our demon voice character. You can then record the distorted fun for later use or just enjoy it at the time. It's simple to download, and even simpler to enjoy.

If the true demon in you is not ready to come out on any day choose from our huge variety of celebrities, personalities and characters! Why limit the fun to just one? Who knows who you could be next? Use our high-quality voice changing app with technical excellence to spice up your everyday. New voices and options are always waiting to be discovered.

Make the demon voice just a little bit of fun in your day.