Batman - Voice Changer

Batman is one of the coolest fictional superheroes. Though he does not have any supernatural abilities, he does have a lot of money and is not afraid to throw it around. From his fancy cars and gadgets to his awesome cape and costume, he makes a commanding appearance. However one of his distinctive features is the deep, husky, commanding tone of his voice. Batman has a voice that corresponds to his visual appearance but it is totally different from his alter ego Bruce Wayne's voice. Because of his unique and appealing voice, you can immediately discern that its Batman voice whenever you hear it. It is distinguishable even in a sea of other voices.

Batman voice changer enables you to change your voice to sound like Batman's voice. With prank wars escalating between friends, within family members, or even random numbers, using a Batman voice modulator is one of the creative ways of upping the ante in your favor. If you want to prank your friends or family by calling them and disguising your voice as Batman, then you can easily achieve that by using our voice changing app. You can also use it to record yourself and enjoy the experience of you speaking or barking orders in Batman's voice.

Every voice is unique and Batman's voice is too. With its deepness and huskiness, it provided a challenging task to our creative team to replicate it so as to sound as the original as possible to batmans. However, with a lot of patience, modifications, meticulous and scrupulous attention to each and every detail of batman's voice, our creative team managed to finally replicate it accurately and we added it into our ever increasing voice library. We empower you the user of our voice changing the app to sound like Batman whenever you want.

The fun of using Batman Voice Changer

Our app is designed to offer you plenty of fun. and you will never get bored using it. With the great batman quotes, you can practically turn any situation into a batman situation. That way you get to enjoy the moment batman's, Like if you are offering your friend, sibling or lover a jacket you can say A hero is anyone, even that man that does something as simple reassuringly putting a warm coat on a young cold boy's shoulders." Or when you are doing a task that you do not enjoy, saying ā€œIā€™m whatever {Gothaam} need me to be ā€ and having it sound like Batman can get you motivated and help you finish through your task. You can replace Gotham with the reason or person that assigned you that task.

Not just Batman Voice Changer - Voice Modulator too

Batman voice changer is included in Celebrity voice changer app that is readily available for download on Google Play store and the App store. With over a million downloads, this is a truly magnificent, revolutionary and trusted app. There is never a dull moment and you can have lots of fun with family and friends with the celebrity voice changer. You may not have batman's money, looks or fancy gadgets, but we get you to sound like him and have fun with his batman's and commanding voice.