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The Dark Knight Rises movie grossed a staggering US$1.085m dollars at the box office. The unmistakable oratorically gifted Bane is the lead actor in the movie – Tom Hardy – being his real name.

Bane has become a household name the world over due to the superhero doom-shrouded and apocalyptic actions he played in the movie.
Bane defined physically by his mask in the world-acclaimed movie and inhibited by agonizing pain to unbearable levels is able through his combat prowess and oratory mastery to decimate the fabled Batman.

Bane is an inspirational figure having been born and raised in the hellish prison located in the Middle Eastern country. Prison has become his home and where he learns the truth about despair, he boldly claims to have been sired in darkness and grown in it until a time he sees the light, as an adult.

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Bane takes a keen interest in a female prisoner by name of Talia, ironically who happens to be the daughter of another female mercenary who was also in prison, protecting her several times from attacks once her mother gets killed by inmates. Bane plans an escape for Talia and succeeds though these very noble actions result in a revenge and torture being exerted on him by prisoners to the point where his face is badly mutilated and bandaged.

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His face becomes irreparably damaged even with the relentless attempts by the doctor, Bane is left in perpetual agony. Bane being the bad-boy as always is excommunicated after reminding the father of Talia that it was his personal failure to protect his wife that ended in her being murdered. Talia was also another reason why Bane was kicked out, his interest in her had grown.
Bane required a face mask that he would wear always to hide his mutilation but more importantly it had a system that pumped gas into his body to alleviate the pain and his injury marks he sustained while in prison.
In a twist of events, Bane later rejoined The League which was the organization run by the father of Talia. It only happened when her dad and Talia ended up inheriting it.
The action does not stop there, Bane becomes responsible for the coup carried out in West Africa that gives exclusive access rights to resources to John Daggett, which in the process catapults the company to prominence and leads Bane to attract unwarranted attention from the Central Intelligence Agency.
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