Backwards - Voice Changer

Voice changing and modulation has never been as good as this. If you took a minute to go online and search for voice changer apps, you would undoubtedly get tens of hundreds of results telling you about all sorts of different voice changer apps that you could download from your Google play store or apple app store. Although all these apps have a few minor differences, they all work under the same principle: altering your voice through volume and pitch modulation. What you should try however, is the backwards voice changer. It is nothing like the ordinary voice changer apps.

The fun of using Backwards Voice Changer

It is quite simple, you either have a pre recorded audio or you could use the microphone to record your voice. After this, just play the reversed audio and you will be completely blown away. It is the app version of the TV show Genius Junior hosted by Neil Patrick Harris. (If you haven’t watched that show, you need to change that right away.) What is really fascinating is that the reversed words don’t sound anything like a language you know, it’s almost like Greek or Arabic or robot language or something. The first time to encounter the app, I said “I love Tiffany Haddish” and the results I got almost got me jumping out my seat. It was insane. Try saying “hsiddah ynaffit evol I “out loud. Totally doesn’t make sense right? But it is totally fun. You can now imagine how the output will be if you used longer sentences with heavy grammar. You could try something like “That damsel, though pretty is overly sanctimonious and hypocritical”. It is boring writing out that entire sentence backwards but try listening to it on the backwards voice changer app.

Not just a Backwards Voice Changer - Voice Modulator too

You could not only use this backward voice changer app for fun but think about it. What if, you wanted to deliver a hidden message to someone, a message that you don’t want to fall on the wrong ears. You could simply record an audio of the message you want and then have the app say it in reverse and after it is auto saved, you could share it with whoever you want to share it with. The great thing is that you can share it on multiple platforms, from facebook, to Skype, to whatsapp, youtube and many more. It would take a person with a really sharp mind to decrypt your message. I think this is how most criminal masterminds encrypt their messages.

So now you might be wondering, where do I get the app? Easy, like most other apps, you can find the backwards voice changer app on your Google play store or apple app store. Of course different apps will have different names so do not freak out when your search results don’t show “backwards voice changer app”. For those who like doing extensive research first, you could just go to your browser and search for backwards/reverse voice changer and browse through the various results displayed.